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Priority seat badges help those with hidden impairments


Transport for London is trialing “Please offer me a seat” badges to better support travelers with hidden disabilities.

As technology advances, so does accessibility. Crowdsourced apps and maps – like urban navigation information for the visually impaired and international mobility access – are helping to create inclusive, connected communities. In London, following extensive research and feedback from passengers, Transport for London’s (TfL) “Please offer me a seat” badges are now available.

Designed to reduce travel stress for passengers with an unseen disability or impairment, the badges could greatly improve the daily journey for millions. The badges are currently in use on a trial basis by 1,000 regular users of London’s public transport systems. TfL says that if the one month trial is successful, the badges will be made more widely available.

How else could local authorities use crowdsourced accessibility information to further improve services?



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