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Private ridesharing community connects via social networks

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RideConnect links drivers and riders via social networks, providing a safe, customizable and interactive method of ridesharing.

New ridesharing platform RideConnect is safe, social and private. RideConnect links riders with drivers via their online social network connections. Users take charge of their travel experience, deciding who to share a ride with, what rate to pay and how to direct a driver to the pick-up point.

The platform emphasizes safety, from customizing who sees each post to online tracking via RideMode once a rideshare commences. Additionally, drivers don’t see a rider’s address until a ride is agreed, and riders get a photograph of the driver’s car. Commercial drivers as well as friends, family and other contacts can respond to ride requests posted to the Ride Board. Users can negotiate fees with commercial drivers or accept an alternative offer from a contact. Downloadable from both Google Play and the App store, RideConnect costs USD 99 cents.

Ridesharing is a popular area of innovation, with niche services catering to very specific audiences. Brazil has a high-security armored car service, and Boston has a female-only taxi service. What other social groups could benefit from such highly personalized transport improvements?



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