Innovation That Matters

Private yapping booth


Here’s a smart idea that could be turned into a global cottage industry: sound resistant cell phone booths. The Cell Zone, produced by Salemi Industries, can be placed in nightclubs, restaurants, libraries, on airports, train stations, at concerts, and all other places where a bit of peace and quiet is often hard to get. Booths cost USD 2,400 to 3,500. It’s a win-win: with two billion people owning cell phones, the related yapping and other noise pollution produced on a global scale already drives millions nuts, while many callers would actually prefer to have a bit of privacy, or just to be able to hear the person on the other side of the line. When placed in a commercial setting, the Cell Zone will also help keep patrons from leaving the establishment, Cell Zone’s website helpfully adds. The revenue model? Good old advertising, as the whole thing can be branded, by the owner or through a third party. The latter hasn’t been pursued… another opportunity. We bet loads of telcos would love to sponsor them, too (check out the non-permanent Nokia Silence Booth as covered in’s briefing on being & brand spaces). Time to make some noise!



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