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Project to capture 360 videos of endangered landscapes

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Catalog.Earth is creating an archive of 360 degree video footages of the world's most perishable landscapes, before climate change destroys them forever.

Many of the Earth’s most beautiful and impressive landscapes are under threat. Now, Catalog.Earth is a project, which aims to capture the world’s most perishable landscapes — such as Alaska’s Columbia Glacier — before its too late, via an archive of 360 degree video footage. The initiative will culminate in a Creative Commons library of footage, that will be available to people across the globe for generations to come.

Catalog.Earth are currently preparing for their first expedition to Alaska’s Columbia Glacier. They will capture 360 degree 4k video footage of the rapidly changing glacier in its current form, and include a field guide to supplement existing data about the location. All the information and video collected will be available via the Catalog.Earth library for scientists, students and everyone else to view in the future.


Obviously, immersive footage will be a great asset if and when the worst happens, but the project will be most valuable if it helps raise awareness of the irreversible damage it is documenting. How could Catalog.Earth’s footage be used to prevent, rather than replace the perishing landscapes?



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