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Protest beer

Protest beer asks everyone to help combat climate change


Made with ingredients from areas most affected by global warming, a limited edition beer is donating proceedings to a climate change charity.

In an explicit nod to global warming, BrewDog’s Make Earth Great Again beer is a saison, a brew that is fermented at a higher than usual temperature. Made from ingredients grown in regions most endangered by global warming, the Scottish craft beer company is serving the limited edition beer from a life-size polar bear figure (as well as its bars around the world). All proceeds from sales will go to environmental campaigning charity 10:10 to help support its community climate change projects.

Inspired by the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement, the brewers also sent a case of the beer to the White House. The beer’s label lists its unique ingredients and highlights the ways certain regions of the world are already irreparably affected by climate change. And as a reminder to everyone that climate change affects – and is affected by – us all, an infographic accompanying the campaign provides tips for making small changes in everyday living.

Craft brewers are running a number of projects highlighting environmental concerns, including recycling beer bottles to create usable sand for the many industries that use it in their products, and using rainwater to brew beer in an effort to reduce runoff and flooding. How could the nimble thinking and production of these projects be shared and made relevant to other, larger companies or industries?




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