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Sponsored beehives produce hotels' honey

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Bees seem to be capturing an increasing proportion of the virtual ink on our pages of late, playing center stage as they have in our recent stories about urban beekeeping at Fortnum & Mason‘s and Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York hotel. Adding to the buzz—so to speak—we just came across yet another bee-focused hotel. In honour of Earth Day a few weeks ago, Paris-based Pullman Hotels & Resorts partnered with Bee My Friend to sponsor a beehive on behalf of each of its French hotels. The “Pullman Is Bee Friendly” campaign, as it’s called, aims to help maintain honeybee populations and protect biodiversity in general. It’s also created some sweet new opportunities for guests. Specifically, customers at each hotel now have the chance to sample three different honey varieties from Burgundy produced by the sponsored bees: a delicately flavoured acacia honey, a spring flowers honey and an all flowers honey from Morvan, the taste of which is said to reflect the sunny conditions and acidic soil of that region. Offering eco-credentials along with (still) made here appeal, Pullman’s Bee Friendly campaign is sure to win over many a green-minded (and sweet-toothed) consumer. One to emulate locally in your own specialty shop, restaurant or hotel…? (Related: Honey without the messSweet snobmoddity.)



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