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Push & fizz bottling innovation

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A patent pending package design, the VIZcap allows consumers to release vitamins and other supplements into water just before they drink it. The technology was developed in response to what VIZdrinks considers to be underperforming sport and health drinks, which lose their potency while bottles and cans sit on store shelves. VIZcaps avoid that problem by storing the vitamins and supplements in a sealed chamber in the cap. To prepare their drink, consumers remove a seal, press the cap’s plunger, hear a ‘pop’ and watch the ingredients fizz their way into the water. (The website has a video showing the action.) The cap works with standard bottle sizes and can be installed on any bottling line. Not just for sports drinks, VIZcaps can also deliver syrups, freeze-dried crystals, baby formula and even over-the-counter medicines. To reduce the number of plastic bottles used, multiple VIZcap closures can be used with a single, refillable water bottle. Springwise usually only features products and services that have already been launched. But since AGFL (VIZcap’s inventors and designers) are actively seeking partners, we thought those of you in F&B might like to explore the concept.


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