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Putting cash test dummies to work


Cherryflava Media in Cape Town, South Africa, is redefining a win-win situation with its latest online venture, Cherrypicka. The site invites customers to register as ‘cash test dummies’ and purchase new products and services at steep discounts in exchange for submitting reviews. Not only do consumers get rock-bottom deals and first dibs on new merchandise, but merchants get direct market promotion of their brands, online word-of-mouth advertising and guaranteed feedback from some of the first users of their wares. “It’s a creative, word-of-mouth, try-before-you-buy, experiential / buzz marketing tool that’s part advertising mixed in with an unbelievable bargain,” notes Cherrypicka. The concept is simple. Participating merchants supply a limited number of their product to be showcased on the site. Consumers can browse through a (currently fairly limited) array of items, including categories for ‘bedroom accessories’, girls, guys, arts & culture, food and drink and music. They can purchase selected merchandise via test vouchers at significant discounts, with the understanding that they’ll later provide reviews of their experiences. While the site just recently launched, it’s already getting some rave reviews. Could be a great platform for merchants and manufacturers of new products to meet and engage with trysumers. And, of course, it’s a concept that can easily be expanded to other parts of the globe. Another option is to set up niche versions, targeting narrow product categories such as phones, toys, food, etc.



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