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QR code app | Photo source Pixabay

QR code allows cashless donations to homeless people

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This innovative app encourages donating to homeless people through cashless transactions.

With so many innovations from all around the globe, Springwise is always keen to shine a spotlight on those that foster positive change. In the past, we have seen a range of innovations aiming to help homeless populations. They ranged from promoting community interaction to facilitating easier access to supplies.

With the same goal in mind, new initiative Greater Change seeks to make it easier for the public to donate to homeless people. Participants register with Greater Change, with the option of using an alias to protect their identity. The person wears a lanyard with a QR code that passers-by can scan to donate their chosen amount. The money is then set aside for specific goals, such as rent deposits, skills courses, or obtaining IDs, rather than being solely given to the participant to be used at their own discretion.

Other ways of donating are also in development, such as QR code business cards or by searching for the homeless person’s name online. Greater Change is a non-profit seeking to create greater flexibility in helping those on the street. To achieve that goal, there is no cost for the participant or the member of the public. The homeless person also does not need a bank account or smartphone to access the funds.

In an increasingly cashless society, funds donated to homeless people have decreased rapidly. This issue is what Oxford-based Greater Change seeks to address. The scheme is run in partnership with the employment charity Aspire Oxford.

As well as encouraging donations, founder Alex McCallion also hopes to break the stigma around homelessness by telling the stories of consenting individuals. Greater Change has already helped nine participants achieve their goals and has two further live campaigns.



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