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QR codes embedded into art on ceramic tiles

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Mini Masters has integrated QR codes into art inspired tiles, displaying quotations added by tile owners to anyone who scans them with a smartphone.

We have seen QR codes used in a number of ways on Springwise, and now it seems they can be used for art as well. Netherlands-based Mini Masters recently launched a line of artistic tiles featuring QR codes. The idea behind Mini Masters tiles is to provide decorative ceramic panels for locations such as restaurants, retail outlets or the home, which contain integrated QR codes linking to extra content. Currently, the company is offering four 15cm x 15cm tiles designed by Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most, featuring interpretations of iconic art images including one of Van Gogh’s self-portraits and Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print. QR codes embedded in the images randomly offer up a funny or philosophical quotation from a database to smartphone users with a suitable app installed. Reminiscent of Springwise featured QRawr, owners of the tiles are also able to add their own quotes to the database and, inspired by bathroom graffiti, can leave their name and location or remain anonymous. These quotes will then appear to anyone scanning Mini Masters tiles anywhere in the world. Mini Masters tiles are a unique use of QR code technology and add a social element to a piece of decoration that might otherwise go unnoticed. How else could everyday objects be reinvigorated with the technology?



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