Innovation That Matters

In São Paulo, Dutch croquettes served through automatic vending


There are virtually infinite variations possible on the theme of edible treats, particularly when you factor in all the many cultures that can be tapped for their own, local traditions. We’ve already seen the introduction of Korean barbecue tacos, Southern tea cakes and Mexican popsicles, to name just a few US-based examples. Now, in Brazil, we recently came across Quickies — a shop that sells Dutch croquettes. Located on the Rua José Bonifácio in São Paulo, Quickies offers Brazilians a taste of Holland in the form of meat and chicken croquettes, bamihap, kaassouffle and other delicacies originating in the Netherlands. Borrowing a page from the book of Dutch chain Febo, in fact, Quickies even serves its food through an automatic vending system installed in a wall. Customers simply insert coins to retrieve the item they want. It may be a small world after all, but there’s still plenty of room for the spread of culinary traditions. Think back to some of your own family or local favorites and be inspired!



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