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Customised playhouses, designed by children

Property & Construction

Consumers in the market for a new children’s playhouse have a wide variety to choose from, with pint-sized properties ranging from thirty-dollar cardboard versions to uber-premium, custom-built chalets. A new product from the Netherlands takes the market one step further, allowing kids to become designers by creating their own one-of-a-kind playhouses. The qb playhouse is completely customisable, giving children the option to pick their own colours and patterns for doors, windows and siding. Those seeking to be entirely unique can upload a pattern, drawing or text of their own design. qb playhouses are available in three unorthodox shapes—Original, Tree and City—and are constructed using sustainable wood. Not targeting the low end of the market, the houses are priced from EUR 699 to 999. Enrolling children as co-designers is a sure way to draw attention amidst an avalanche of toys. One to expand to other children’s products and services? (Related: Bedding designed by (and for) kids.) Spotted by: Judy McRae

Website: www.quubi.nlquubi

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