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Dating profiles in 140 characters or less

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For people who think online dating questionnaires are just too much work, Montreal-based Radaroo offers something much, much simpler. Created by web entrepreneur Roberto Martínez, Radaroo is a free service that lets users send a tweet to create a dating profile in 140 characters or less. Users sign up by sending a tweet to @radaroo, specifying their gender, the gender(s) they’re interested in, and which activities they’d like to participate in on a first date. People can find out if a fellow Twitterer is single by searching that person’s username, and can also search for all single members in their area by entering their zip code, or country code if outside the United States. Users have the option to keep their dating status private or announce that they’re currently on their first date, second date, third date, or getting married. Simplicity is definitely the charm here, and it’s a fun example of how to use Twitter to forge new connections. The possibilities are endless: how about a similar service for finding a tennis partner, or fellow entrepreneurs interested in meeting up to brainstorm about new business ideas? 😉 Spotted by: Susanna Haynie


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