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Razor blades by subscription, delivered to the door

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Razor blade refills are one of those purchases that tend to irk many consumers, primarily for the frequency with which they’re needed and the relatively high prices at which they’re often sold. Aiming to salve irritation on both points, Raz*War offers subscription plans for home delivery at prices beginning at EUR 27.50 per year. Launched late last month by Brussels-based Growth Bridge, Raz*War sells blades by the box—priced at EUR 1 per blade—as well as a starter kit including razor, blades and travel bag. Its biggest savings, however, are to be found in its subscription plans, which range from a yearly price of EUR 27.50 for 30 blades over the course of the year to EUR 75 for 90 blades annually. Deliveries are made in installments every four months, and a starter kit with razor and travel bag is included in the first shipment. Similar in many ways to Alice, which aims to take the pain out of shopping repeatedly for basic household necessities, Raz*War currently ships only within the EU. One to partner with or emulate for the shaving masses near you…?



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