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Real-time air pollution data for cities around the world


Israeli air quality start-up BreezoMeter provides businesses and local governments with real-time, actionable information on the current health of the local air.

Using thousands of sources of data, including weather, traffic and satellite, analyzed by proprietary machine learning algorithms, Israel’s BreezoMeter provides accurate, detailed and local air quality information. Created for businesses and local governments, BreezoMeter is an application programming interface designed to help companies provide more targeted, and thus engaging, communications and marketing campaigns.

Visual reporting features make the interface easy to understand, and the hourly updates, along with historical data, allow for comparisons and real-time recommendations for consumers and citizens. Organizations can choose from a basic or advanced package, as well as test out the system free of charge for a month and have the option to add additional features such as pollen measurements, heat maps and health recommendations.

Air pollution is currently such a threat to global health that organizations are creating myriad ways to monitor, track, report and fix the problem. Smart clothing companies are even incorporating pollution detection into their wearables, like this shirt that changes color depending on the amount of particles found in the air. Governments are also making it more simple for citizens to report incidents of polluting behaviors, using apps like this one that geo-tags each complaint helping the relevant agency to better handle it. How could better management of supply chains help prevent pollution before it occurs?



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