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Real estate 3.0 meets social networking

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We’ve already covered several examples of intention-based real estate sites in the Netherlands, Finland and elsewhere. For those not yet convinced, another shining example just surfaced in Australia—this time with the addition of social networking features. Love That Place, which just launched earlier this month, is a social network designed to let users search, discuss, rate and register interest in property, whether it’s for sale or not. Property owners begin by creating a page and uploading photos of their place—simply to gather feedback and advice, or to test the market and see what other people think. Members of the site can leave comments or send private messages (forums are coming soon), and admirers of a particular property can even send a virtual “door-knock” to see if the owner would consider selling. If the owner is interested, the two parties can negotiate privately or through a facilitated process with an agent. Both casual users and serious investors and developers can use Love That Place, with services tailored accordingly. Membership options range from a free, standard option that covers listing up to 3 properties, all the way up to a “property guru” level that’s AUD 249 per year for up to 300 properties. Love That Place is definitely more of a social network than the other real estate 3.0 sites we’ve covered, with its features for conversation and networking. But the basic premise is the same: Even property owners who aren’t actively trying to sell their homes can often be convinced to sell when the offer is right. It’s a matter of facilitating intentions, and it’s a new approach to selling property around the globe. Those in real estate: Don’t delay too long! Spotted by: David Steel



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