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Site aims to inspire by honouring real-life 'superheroes'

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Back in June we wrote about Swedish T-Post’s Real Life Superhero Contest, which asked entrants to don a costume and then take to the streets to help others. That contest has since ended — unfortunately, with mixed results — but now there’s a whole website dedicated to much the same idea. Meet the Real Life Super Hero Project, a place where ordinary citizens can learn about and be inspired by those whose actions make a difference every day. The Real Life Super Hero Project started off as a photographic gallery by California-based photographer Peter Tangen that was designed “to shine some light on this new breed of activism and altruism, through a photographic installation to benefit the established organizations the superheroes believe in,” in the site’s own words. And indeed, the stark, artistically styled photographs on the site emphasize the superhero qualities of the altruistic individuals being portrayed. Since its initial launch, however, the site has expanded to the point where it now aims to be a “launching pad of something far greater—a living, breathing community that inspires people to become the positive forces for change we all can be,” it explains. “To become more active, more involved, more committed, and perhaps, a little super in the process.” Video interviews with the superheroes profiled are available for viewing on the site along with portraits, profiles and even posters. Part of each hero’s profile are links to the charitable organizations he or she supports and believes in. The Real Life Super Hero Project may not be a typical Springwise topic, but as a lovely illustration of the random-acts-of-kindness theme we’ve been tracking, we couldn’t resist mentioning it. One to check out and be inspired by! (Related: Clothing brand rewards fans for being kind onlineFree umbrellas on rainy days aim to inspire kindnessMore cards promoting random acts of kindnessCards to inspire random acts of kindnessRandom acts of kindness for Hyatt’s most loyal guestsClothing brand asks its wearers to be kind.) Spotted by: Katherine Noyes



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