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Receipt | Photo source Shutterstock

Receipts get more visual and useful in concept redesign


This proof of concept shows shoppers how expensive each item is in relation to what else was bought

Spotted: Netflix data visualisation engineer Susie Lu has created a proof of concept redesign for the basic store receipt. The aim is for shoppers better monitor their expenditure and, over time, shop more sustainably.

At the top of Lu’s new version, a bubble chart handily groups items into categories like produce, frozen, drink and bakery. The bubbles’ size corresponds to the amount spent in each category, allowing shoppers to see immediately what they spent on the most.

Below the bubble chart, the itemised list includes a bar chart for each item. The bar chart indicates how expensive or inexpensive each product is in relation to everything else in the basket.

Lu’s reasoning for the redesign was to better understand over time how she shops and to see if she could identify any trends.



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