Innovation That Matters

Recipe video service also delivers ingredients to the door


Chefday offers cooking classes from celebrity chefs, as well as the option to have all of the required ingredients sent direct to the user's door.

While not everyone can cook like a top chef, innovations such as Restolib‘s professional kitchen lessons have helped pave the way. Now Chefday is also tapping celebrity cuisine talent to offer recipes to everyday chefs, as well as the option to have all of the required ingredients delivered to the user’s house. Based in New York, Chefday hosts step-by-step videos of top chefs from the city – including Jehangir Mehta from Iron Chef America and Michelin-starred Chris Leahy – which are free to watch. If the viewer decides they would like to cook the meal themselves, they can order all of the necessary ingredients to be delivered in one bundle. Through a subscription option, customers will receive a recommended recipe via email every two weeks, which they can view before opting to order the ingredients, choose another recipe or skip until the following fortnight. In addition, Chefday donates one meal for every dish ordered to the Food Bank for NYC. Not only does Chefday guide users through recipes created by award-winning chefs, but it also saves the hassle of then trying to find the right ingredients at the superstore. How else can people be encouraged to create their own meals, and therefore eat more healthily? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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