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Reconfigurable furniture is made from Meccano pieces

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French toymaker Meccano has designed a modular furniture line, with pieces that can be reconfigured with infinite possibilities.

The simplicity and flexibility of children’s building toys, such as Lego, has recently provided the inspiration for life-size furniture and architecture alike. Now, legendary French toymakers Meccano are getting in on the action, with their new Meccano Home line — a collection of modular parts, inspired by their original erector sets, which can be connected easily with nuts and bolts to create reconfigurable furniture.


Meccano home is sold in sets of metal parts. Customers can either follow suggested designs or mix and match parts to make original designs — from a larger table to a nostalgic, decorative sculpture. Extra pieces can be purchased separately, so the possibilities really are endless. As with the original Meccano toy, parts can be assembled and taken apart without any damage, meaning they can be infinitely rearranged and reused. The parts are attached using standardized nuts — which come in eight colours — and simple bolts that fit into the holes along the edges of every piece.

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