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Recreating the club experience online

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Offering an experience that’s as close as possible to the real thing, Be At TV offers full-on video coverage of some of the world’s hottest clubbing events. Be At TV, aka b@, is a slick IPTV and social networking site that covers clubs, events and DJs such as the Space Ibiza Opening Party or Annie Mac at London’s Big Chill House. The site displays footage from four camera angles simultaneously, showing the DJ booth, individual clubbers and the momentum of the dance floor in all of its glorious and gory detail, accompanied by a live recording of both the DJ’s set and the whoops and cheers of the party people. It’s then over to the clubbers themselves to use the footage as the basis for their social networking: logging their attendance at events to chat with the people they randomly met, tagging their appearances in videos and sharing clips by embedding them in emails and web pages. The footage is also proving useful for those who want to preview a club night or get in the mood before heading out. By combining professional video reporting with social networking elements, b@ is creating a convergence between one-off offline experiences and continued online interaction, while promoting events and artists to a wider audience. Time to find other live events that are ripe for being taken to the next level of online coverage? Spotted by: Ali Gunning


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