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Red solar panels for more electricity and longer plant cycles

Soliculture’s latest development uses red solar panels to generate higher rates of energy production and increase the yield of greenhouses.

We have already seen solar panels that work in the rain, and now Soliculture’s LUMO solar electric panels are making greenhouses more profitable and energy efficient. LUMO panels convert green light to red, the color that plants use most for growth. By converting colors, rather than filtering them out, the panels have more light available for electricity production.

Using a red dye for the light conversion, LUMO panels are covered with Soliculture’s patented silicon photovoltaic strips. The red solar electric panels were field tested in California and Canada. The mix of distinct growing conditions allowed scientists and growers to experiment with a variety of plants. While most plants grew at an equivalent rate, some were found to be more disease resistant, with a longer production cycle and earlier maturation. No detrimental effects were found.

Fully customizable to any roof shape and glass size, large-scale use of the panels could generate enough energy to sell. Soliculture is further developing the technology to create the world’s first carbon neutral greenhouse. How else can solar panels be made more efficient?



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