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For students, electronic textbooks by the chapter

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It’s been several years since the launch of BookRenter’s textbook rental program, but just recently we came upon what’s surely the next logical step: Electronic textbooks, sold by the chapter. Focusing initially on education, business and the social sciences, UK-based Reference Tree aims to give higher-education students a way to purchase just the portions of the textbooks they need to efficiently complete their coursework. Publishers including Elsevier, Taylor + Francis, Sage, Hodder Education, McGraw Hill and Cambridge University Press have already signed on with the service, which adds features such as the ability to highlight and annotate text and — coming soon — the ability to collaborate with peers through shared notes and comments. Chapter pricing begins as low as GBP 1.50. It’s a snack culture world out there, where consumers prefer to consume everything from desserts to books in bite-sized portions. Other book publishers: what about you? (Related: Business books served in bite sizes for e-readers.)



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