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Reflective lace combines style and safety for bicyclists

Mobility & Transport

The safety hazards of bicycle and scooter travel may demand protective gear, but that’s no reason to stop being stylish, as we’ve already noted before. Recently we came across a new innovation for participants in either mode of transportation in the form of reflective lace that can be sewn into or worn over traditional clothing. Reflective Lace, also known as “LFLECT,” is available in lengths of 120cm or as a set of two ruffled elastic rings to be worn directly over socks, gloves or hair; both are priced at GBP 20. Eight colours are available—including antique beige, antique mint green, black, bright fuchsia and canary yellow—as are two designs, including one with a bicycle pattern and wavy border. Reflective Lace is currently available only from London-based Lost Values, but its maker welcomes inquiries from potential retail partners. Bicycle-related stockists the world over: one to offer your fashion-conscious customers…? Spotted by: Green Thing P.S. Along with three other companies we’ve featured (Sugru, Make Do and Woolfiller) Reflective Lace is in the running for Sustainability’s Next Top Model, a contest organized by our friends at Green Thing. Head over to the competition’s Facebook page to vote for your favourite.



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