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Regular guests at Melbourne hotel can leave their luggage behind

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Hotel scheme enables visitors to safely store their belongings on site, ready for their next stay.

For frequent fliers, it can be a pain to have to constantly be packing up belongings to get ready to spend time in a different city. We’ve already seen Singapore’s Packnada service store traveler’s wardrobes ready for delivery to their hotel of choice, and now the Grand Hyatt Melbourne has launched its own Leave it at Hyatt scheme, enabling visitors to safely store their belongings on site, ready for their next stay.

It’s often the case that purchases made abroad can leave suitcases overpacked, potentially causing trouble when it comes to check in on the return flight. For those who do regular business abroad or often fly out to visit a family member, it may be easier to simply leave some stuff behind and pick it up on their next stay. The Grand Hyatt Melbourne is now letting guests do just that. According to Australian Business Traveller, customers can fill out a form and leave any number of items (within reason) at reception. Any clothes can be requested to be dry cleaned, while toiletries and other goods can also be kept in safe storage. On return to the Hyatt, guests can simply get their items delivered back to their room.

The system not only provides a convenience for the guest but also encourages repeat customers and brand loyalty, an elusive commodity in the international hospitality industry. Are there other ways to inspire repeat visits from tourists on short term stays?




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