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One-of-a-kind kids' clothes, locally made from reclaimed discards


Much the way Green Thing’s SAVED project reclaims unwanted t-shirts and upgrades them with some signature stitchery for sale to new owners, so UK-based Re-jigged turns unwearable castoffs into bespoke, one-of-a-kind children’s clothing. Run from a farm in rural Herefordshire, Re-jigged collects adult clothes that are no longer suitable for resale at local charities due to holes, worn areas and other problems. A partnership with EnviroAbility helps the firm source, wash, sort and arrange the clothing and then cut it up accordingly. Re-jigged then locally recrafts the usable portions of those well-loved garments by hand into beautiful new ones using contrasting colours and fabrics and embellishments including distinctive appliques, buttons and ribbons. Garments can be handmade to a customer’s specific requirements, even using the customer’s own fabric, if desired. A design-your-own offering, meanwhile, guides the customer step by step through the process of designing a unique tank top for kids. Prices begin at GBP 25 for a tank top from Re-jigged’s classic range. For every garment Re-jigged sells, it donates GBP 1 to a local charity or school. Combining eco-minded upcycling, design-your-own capabilities and (still) made here appeal, Re-jigged has tapped into more than one of today’s key trends. Crafty minipreneurs around the globe: be inspired! (Related: Luxe upcycling: from cashmere sweaters to (very) soft toysWaste to accessories, with a charitable twistFestival jackets and bags, made from abandoned tentsCharity shop invites designers to upcycle donated clothingLeather jackets remade into designer bagsMore upcycling: sweaters into scarves.) Spotted by: The Business Factory



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