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More upcycling: sweaters into scarves


Consumers with cashmere sweaters they no longer want to wear can already send them to teddylux to have them converted into stuffed animals. For those who prefer upcycling with a more utilitarian result, however, there’s now Reknit, which turns old sweaters into scarves and other practical goods. Each month, Reknit will unravel old sweaters and re-knit them into a different item; this January, it’s scarves. Consumers begin by choosing from two different scarf styles—each priced at USD 30—and sending their old sweaters to Boston-based Reknit. Then, “my mom will turn your old sweater into a new scarf,” as the site’s creator explains it. Visitors to the site even get to vote on which type of items “mom” will convert sweaters into next month: a beanie, an iPod case, cut-off gloves or socks. (Spoiler alert: the cut-off gloves are currently in the lead.) There’s no denying the environmental benefits of upcycling, but at least as compelling are the business reasons. Want a pattern to follow? Knit one row of green for eco appeal, then purl two rows for a story worth repeating. Next, finish it off with a fringe and a flourish and watch as the orders come in! 😉 (Related: Leather jackets remade into designer bagsStray single gloves matched & sold to new ownersDesign your own hat & choose your own knitting granny.) Spotted by: You Might Find Yourself



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