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Philips expands line of massagers for couples

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As much as the current economic recession is negatively affecting consumers’ spending on new homes, durable goods and luxury vacations—to name just a few of the commonly cited casualties—so it’s buoying sales in other areas. To wit: citing increased “cocooning” at home and a correspondingly heightened focus on couples’ sexual relationships, Philips is expanding its offerings in a category it calls relationship care. A euphemism it may be, but there’s no denying the numbers cited by Andrea Ragnetti, CEO of the company’s Consumer Lifestyle division, in the keynote speech last week at the IFA show in Berlin. Specifically, 70 percent of consumers surveyed recently by Philips—more than half of them married or living together—said they use or would be open to using sex toys or marital aids. That’s probably why the company’s existing Dual Massager has done well, and it’s certainly part of why the company is now expanding its relationship care line, which was developed with the help of UK relationship expert Paula Hall. The latest offering in the line is called the Sensual Massager, and it’s now available online as well as at retailers including Boots, House of Fraser and Amazon UK. Philips’ online pricing for the Sensual Massager is GBP 79.99, while a version packaged with candle moodlights is GBP 89.99. All of which goes to show once again that tough economic times don’t mean the opportunities are gone—they’ve just changed direction. How can *your* brand tap into consumers’ stepped-up focus on life, love—and sex—at home…?



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