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Leather jackets remade into designer bags

Fashion & Beauty

Durable and malleable, leather is an ideal material for reusing and upcycling. Seizing that potential, reMade USA just launched a line of stylish handbags made from used and scrap leather. reMade’s bags were initially made from leather jackets found in charity stores, with details based on the original garments. The company now also gets cast-offs from the furniture and automotive industries. reMade has around 10–15 different bags available for order on its website at any time, currently ranging in price from USD 125–365. If they’d like to breathe new life into a garment they no longer wear, customers can also supply their own leather jacket and request a design based on one of reMade’s models. Hand-crafted in San Francisco, stamped with its own unique serial number, and lined with a recycled silk scarf, each bag is inherently unique. reMade isn’t the first to make leather jackets into bags. But as planet-friendly products jostle for attention, it’s not enough just to be green. How to stand out and create a sustainable business on top of a sustainable product? reMade’s founder, Shannon South, demonstrates the importance of building a brand: using good design and photography; showing the process and telling a story; and adding charming and recognizable details like a silk scarf lining. (Related: Luxe upcycling: from cashmere sweaters to (very) soft toysFrom 1950s pommel horses to 2008 gym bags.) Spotted by: Edward Cotton



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