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Easter chicks for rent from Michigan farm

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We’ve seen try-before-you-buy urban chicken farming and we’ve seen household pets offered up for rent. Combining a bit of each, Michigan-based J&M Farm is now offering “Easter chicks” for two-week rentals, giving kids and families a short-term taste of what it’s like to raise the real thing. It’s not uncommon to see chicks given as gifts around Easter, but the unfortunate result is that many end up in animal shelters once the holiday is over, according to a report on the Detroit Free Press. In part as a solution to that problem, J&M Farm is now offering a short-term alternative from its stall at Detroit’s Eastern Market. Specifically, for a payment of USD 50, interested “chick farmers” get a pair of chicks to take home for 14 days along with a pen, bedding and two weeks’ worth of feed. When the chicks are returned at the end of the rental period, renters get a dozen eggs in exchange. The chicks, meanwhile, are reportedly used to replace older hens at the farm for egg production. It’s an ownership-averse world even during ordinary times, but when holidays approach, today’s transumers are more likely than ever to appreciate stress-free, commitment-free alternatives. A concept to apply to other seasonal goods and experiences? (Related: Farm camping in cottage-style tents (private chicken coops optional).) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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