Innovation That Matters


Through our daily coverage, we see how the natural world is both a victim, but, more importantly, a solution to the twin human-induced crises of climate collapse and biodiversity loss. From the restoration of mycorrhizal fungal networks to micro forests that restore degraded land, we are inspired by innovators that work with, rather than against the grain of nature.

Rewilding Britain, with its focus on improving the lives of people and nature together, is therefore a natural ally, and an important innovator in its own right.

Through 1% for the Planet, we give the equivalent of one per cent of our annual sales to environmental causes including Rewilding Britain. As part of this partnership, we have produced this report, which showcases the innovative work the organisation is supporting through the Rewilding Innovation Fund.

In this report, we highlight the hard work of people making the projects supported by the Fund a success, and attempt to capture the passion and creativity they bring to restoring nature.