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AI personal trainer via biosensing headphones

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Vi is an AI personal trainer that provides intuitive motivation and fitness training according to biometric data and the wearer's environment.

The best personal trainers take into account their client’s lifestyle, personality and goals, in order to create the most effective exercise regime. But many people can’t afford the luxury. We have seen smart wearables offer responsive fitness tracking, but now Vi is the first AI hearable personal trainer that provides intuitive motivation via biosensing earphones.

Created by LifeBEAM, Vi is an in-ear AI trainer that responds to the wearer’s body, workout and surroundings in real-time, and provides the appropriate motivational coaching, vocalized by an encouraging, supportive female voice. To begin, the user puts on Vi, placing the earphones in their ear and the attached sensors around their neck like a necklace. Vi collects biometric data about the wearer and their environment — everything from their heart rate and training history to the weather — and creates personalized coaching advice. Then, the wearer can create goals or give instruction by voice or text and Vi will respond. While the wearer is exercising, Vi continues to provide motivation and adapts in real-time to the user’s physical state and movements. Vi can also play music and connect to fitness apps such as Google Fit or HealthKit, and users can monitor their progress via the companion smartphone app.


Vi has been crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it has already raised over USD 1,600,000. The headset is currently retailing at USD 249. In what other areas could AI be used as a supplement for expensive one-on-one coaching?



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