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Rest pods for weary travellers

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We’ve already written about nap pods in New York City and airport Yotels, both of which provide a quick bit of rest for the weary. Picking up on the airport theme, Nemorelax is now rolling out cocoon-like rest modules to give airport travellers a way to decompress. Whereas Yotel’s pod-like rooms are booked in increments of at least four hours, Nemorelax pods can be reserved for as little as 30 minutes. Dubbed an “oasis of calm,” each pod features a Stressless recliner chair from Norwegian furniture maker Ekornes encircled by a cocoon of sound-isolating materials. In addition to sleeping or making private phone calls, travellers can watch a movie on the pod’s touchscreen monitor, listen to music on the sound-on-demand system or get some work done on the fold-away work table. Each Nemorelaxer offers free wifi connectivity, and loaner laptops are available at no extra charge. Nemorelaxers will be set up in suites of 6 or more in central airport locations with an on-site, staffed desk. Wake-up services will also be available. Netherlands-based Nemorelax is currently talking with international airport and transit authorities, and its first Nemorelax Suite in Europe will open soon. It’s a sleep-deprived world out there—no shortage of opportunity for this one across the globe. Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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