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There is growing consumer demand for food traceability | Photo source Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Hypermarket tracks products from farm to store with blockchain


Carrefour is using blockchain digital tracking technology to provide customers with more information about products

Spotted: French hypermarket chain Carrefour is using blockchain technology to provide customers with real time data on food safety. The system allows shoppers to scan a QR code to trace food back to the farm or packing centre.

The blockchain system improves customers’ trust of the products, according to Carrefour. Customers scan a QR code in the store to learn detailed information, like when a product was harvested. The technology is provided by IBM. Currently data on 20 items including chicken, cheese, eggs, oranges, pork and raw milk is available.

Carrefour says the programme has increased sales. It plans on making another 100 products traceable this year, including organic products. The hypermarket is also partnering with Nestle to allow customers to track the origins of Mousline instant mashed potatoes.




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