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Reusable lunch kit for kids

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There are many statistics out there to inspire and motivate the eco-minded consumer, but one that should be particularly shocking for parents of school-aged kids is the fact that the average elementary student generates between 45 and 90 pounds of plastic, foil and other garbage in school lunch programs each year. That sobering fact comes from the Center for Ecoliteracy; hoping to do something about it, Kids Konserve recently launched a reusable, waste-free lunch kit that does away with paper, plastic and foil altogether. Priced at USD 40, the waste-free lunch kit includes a recycled cotton sack, cloth napkin, 16 oz. stainless steel beverage bottle, “food kozy” sandwich wrapper and two stainless steel food containers. Each component is also available separately from San Francisco-based Kids Konserve, as are a selection of products including reusable cloth gift bags, drink lids and stainless steel food savers. Kids Konserve also offers its lunch kits as a fundraising opportunity for schools, enlisting parent representatives across the country to help educate schools and build its “Fundraising Through a Waste-free Lunch Program” nationwide. “With waste from snack and lunch breaks at an all time high and recycling knowledge and budgets still too low, Kids Konserve is empowering parents and kids with information and a reusable product that will help participating schools make the grade when it comes to decreasing waste in community landfills,” explains company cofounder Chance Claxton. An admirable goal that will no doubt appeal to green consumers around the globe. Kids Konserve currently sells its products only within the United States–one to partner with in other parts of the world….? (Related: Happy healthy meals.) Spotted by: Claudia Allwood



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