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Global directory lets medical tourists find & review clinics

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Back in 2007, we noted Babyfy‘s TripAdvisor-like reviews of hospitals’ maternity wards. Now we’ve discovered RevaHealth, an Irish website that provides a similar service for all medical tourists. Targeted primarily at consumers from the UK and Ireland, the site features more than 100,000 clinics from Boston to Bratislava, offering a range of procedures such as dentistry, cosmetic surgery and fertility treatment. RevaHealth’s value comes from the search features and the richness of the information it provides. Searches can be filtered according to location, specialization, treatment and special services. So, for example, a search for “dentist” can be narrowed down to “cosmetic dentist”, or even to a female dentist in Istanbul who can put on veneers. When users click on a clinic, there’s usually a map of its location and a list of services offered and their prices. The clinic details may also include languages spoken, facilities and user reviews. Clinics can add themselves to the directory for free, but have to pay between EUR 200 and EUR 9,500 per year for a premium listing. RevaHealth is a triumph for transparency in a sector where consumers really can’t have enough information—if you’re going to let someone in a foreign country cut you open, you want to be confident that they’re the right person for the job. And while there’s been a boom in directories and review sites, there are still niche areas where consumers will welcome a comprehensive, accessible directory with reviews. Spotted by: Jonathan Kyle



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