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Protective holders keep mobile devices' data safe

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The MIAmobi line of cases and bags are designed to hold smartphones, tablets and other devices, while keeping the data those devices contain safe and undetectable.

Along with the many benefits associated with today’s mobile devices have come a raft of privacy and security concerns, particularly as RFID usage grows. Enter the MIAmobi line of cases and bags, which are designed to hold smartphones, tablets and other devices in a protective covering, while keeping them — and the data they contain — safe and undetectable. Targeting an array of digital devices including phones, tablets and GPS systems, as well as credit cards and passports, J.R. Zar’s MIAmobi SilentPocket line gives consumers a protective holder inside which mobile devices cannot be detected or tracked, the company says. While inside the MIAmobi holders, devices are both silenced and protected from hacking, including scanning via RFID; all messages, texts and emails, meanwhile — with the exception of cell phone alarms — are simply delayed until the device is removed. Not only that, but the silver-lined holders also offer anti-bacterial properties. Three models of the MIAmobi SilentPocket line are available from starting at USD 65. Consumers’ pain is entrepreneurs’ gain, as always, and mobile privacy concerns show no sign of diminishing. How could your brand offer extra privacy and peace of mind? Spotted by: Smith Alan



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