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Ride:HUD is a Google Glass-style display add-on for motorbike helmets

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NUVIZ Ride:HUD offers a head up display that overlays pertinent, real-time data onto motorcycle riders' helmet visors.

The Internet of Things is gradually transforming households into smart spaces and we’ve even previously seen the same concept applied to vehicles, with models such as the Xkuty scooter enabling owners to take advantage of smartphone control. However, separate devices can take drivers’ attention from the road. That’s where the NUVIZ Ride:HUD comes in, offering a head up display that overlays pertinent, real-time data onto motorcycle riders’ helmet visors.

Developed through a collaboration between HOLOEYE Systems and APX Labs, the innovation uses technology similar to Google Glass, whereby a small transparent display is located in the user’s peripheral vision. The NUVIS Ride:HUD itself clips onto the chinstrap of any motorcycle helmet and syncs with the rider’s smartphone. The display is controlled through a companion app, which offers the capability of showing GPS-enabled maps and directions, local weather and driving stats such as speed and distance. The HUD can also show who’s calling and what music is playing, as well as toggling between photo and video capture. Rather than refocus their attention away from the road to access this information, the device is calibrated to allow riders to keep the road in their vision. The video below shows the device in action:

The Ride:HUD does have some competition from Skully Helmets, a company currently beta testing its own motorcycle HUDs, but NUVIZ could beat it to the market through its current Kickstarter, which it is using to launch the Ride:HUD. The device can be secured with a backing of USD 499 or more. Are there ways that similar HUD technology could be developed for vehicle drivers of all kinds?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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