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Ridesharing app | Photo source Josh Feiber on Unsplash

Ridesharing app lets customers and drivers decide their fares

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A new app for ridesharing allows drivers and customers to negotiate a price for their journey fare.

At Springwise we have covered many ridesharing innovations including an app that provides an on demand Porsche chauffeur service and a free Wi-Fi app for ridesharing vehicles. Now, a new ridesharing innovation from Russia called inDriver aims to change the ridesharing industry by giving customers and drivers the power to decide on their fares.

Available on both Android and iPhone, the inDriver app is a taxi alternative ridesharing service. The app allows drivers and customers to agree to the terms of their ride before beginning a journey. As well as offering more control, the opportunity to bargain fare prices protects rideshare users from price manipulation. Furthermore, inDriver uses a Real Time Deals model. This updates the optimal fare price for a customer and driver every second. inDriver claims the costs of their rides are on average 30 to 50 percent cheaper than a traditional taxi cabs. In addition, the average waiting time for a ride is two to three minutes.

inDriver is currently operating in over 140 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala and the app has 12,000,000 users. The app works in both small towns and in larger cities. To make a payment, customers and drivers can choose between cash or non-cash alternatives.




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