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Ridesharing platform automatically matches travelers' journeys

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In France and Switzerland, Green Monkeys aims to create a safe carpooling community.

Regular Springwise readers will be familiar with the numerous carpooling services to feature on our virtual pages. However, most still require the user to search for a suitable ride, which comes with no guarantee. Now, in France and Switzerland, Green Monkeys aims to create a safe ridesharing community and connect members automatically based on best-matched journeys. Users register on Green Monkeys website for free, and they can then add a photo and enter the details of the journey they want to make using the “plan a ride” tool. Green Monkeys works out user combinations and makes suitable matches based on start and end point, time of departure and arrival, and user preferences. Users can access their ride details and calendar on their smartphone and contact their ridesharer via the Green Monkeys chat facility. Cost per kilometer is fixed and all payments are managed by the service. If a ride is cancelled they aim to find a suitable replacement, providing a taxi if there are no alternatives. Green Monkeys also works with businesses, providing statistics to demonstrate the success of ridesharing schemes. Ridesharing is an increasingly popular, eco-friendly way to travel and the Green Monkeys concept removes the hassle and risk factors. Could a similar scheme be a popular solution in a city near you? Spotted by: John Elbing



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