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Photo by Vera Devera. Reminiscent of the pop-up cinemas we wrote about earlier (and earlier), Ghetto Gourmet is a ‘wandering supper club for lovers of fine cookin’, conversation and art set in uniquely comfortable environments’. The pop-up restaurant started out as an experiment, in a basement apartment in Oakland, California. Two brothers, Joe the chef and Jeremy the poet, now organize regular get-togethers in a variety of surprise locations, from parking lots to art galleries and private homes. Ghetto Gourmet’s customers sign up for email alerts of when and where the next dinner will be held. Patrons are expected to ‘be cool’ with sitting on floor cushions at low tables, and asked to bring their own beverages. Four course menus are around USD 40 per person, including live music, stand-up comedy, photography and other forms of art and entertainment. Fun business (if you’d even want to call it that) for gourmand entrepreneurs more interested in spreading improvised joy than racking up revenues. Enjoy!


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