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Crab Robot SILVER 2 | Photo source Press Office – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa

Robot crab cleans waste from ocean floor


The Crab Robot SILVER 2 would be able to move, walk and run on the ocean floor to pick up trash

Spotted: A team at Italy’s Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna School is testing a robot to pick up plastic trash on the ocean floor. The robot, known as the Crab Robot SILVER 2, is designed to detect plastic in the water.

The robot crab can move, walk and run on the ocean floor, according to the development team. Its six crab-like legs can adapt to the changing seabed. It can bounce without damage and avoid dangers. The robot will eventually be fitted with an arm to collect plastic waste.

The full name of the robot is Seabed-Interaction Legged Vehicle for Exploration and Research 2. The robot was designed by the school’s biorobotics institute. The project was supported by National Geographic Society and Arbi Dario Spa.

The Crab Robot SILVER 2 was tested for the first time on World Oceans Day. The team believes it could eventually be used for research.




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