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Robot nanny watches over the children

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NannyBot, from 5elements Robotics, can follow children around, providing visual and audio feedback to users’ smart devices.

The robotics industry continues to grow into the home market, as we’ve seen with personal assistance bots such as Jibo and Personal Robot, and now we bring news of the first robot nanny.


5elements Robotics have developed NannyBot, the latest addition to their Budgee range of robots that act as personal assistants, which users can command to either follow them around or remote control them via an app, using the bots to transport groceries or other awkward loads as they follow along behind them. NannyBot additionally features a mounted camera and microphone, enabling users to keep a watch on their children’s activities as it follows them to the park or keeps an eye on them in other rooms of the house, and afterwards folds away easily for storage. NannyBot is available now from USD 1800.

We’ve already seen a physiotherapy bot — what other uses could there be for personal assistant robots?



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