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Robotic arm makes pilotless drones possible

Mobility & Transport

Airobotics has developed a UAV station with a robotic arm that autonomously replaces batteries and cargo, with an open API enabling fully self-deployed missions.

We’ve explored how drone technology is moving towards a pilotless future, with a landing pad for automated UAV recharging enabling near-continuous missions. Working towards the same goal but with a different approach is Airobotics.


The Airobotics drone platform enables users to build bespoke missions around an open source API, after which the system is capable of running autonomously, indefinitely. At the base station — the mission beginning and end point — drones are tended to by an automated robotic arm that replaces batteries and cargo. The drones are currently capable of 30-minute flights and carrying loads of up to 1kg, and Airobotics is targeting high-risk industries such as mining and oil capture.

The potential of pilotless drones seems limitless, but what other issues still need to be overcome before industries rely solely on UAVs?



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