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MODI Smart home

Robotics of Things platform allows anyone to customise IoT devices

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An innovative platform allows almost anyone to build their own IoT network

Spotted: The Internet of Things has been expanding into widening areas of consumer products. Recent innovations include a micro-dishwasher and a cooking system. Now South Korean company LUXROBO has developed a DIY smart home platform that almost anyone can use.

The new platform builds on an earlier product called MODI, which is a DIY kit that allows anyone to easily create robotics and IoT applications. MODI is made up of 13 unique modules, each with a particular function. The modules can be combined instantly using a magnetic connector to create any number of devices. MODI allows IoT functionality to be added to a wide variety of devices without any prior knowledge of electronics. It also comes with a drag and drop coding tool called MODI Studio.

The original goal of LUXROBO was to make robotics “easy and enjoyable” for anyone. MODI was designed particularly for students, to enable them to learn how to develop their own robotics and IoT-connected devices. The project was originally funded using Kickstarter, with the company surpassing its funding goal in just three days. The more recently unveiled DIY Smart Home platform also uses the MODI modules. The platform allows the MODI modules, MODI OS-embedded electronic devices and other IoT platforms to be connected together. The devices are connected through an IoT hub that can be easily customised and coded to create DIY smart homes and smart classrooms.




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