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T-shirt uses augmented reality for virtual webcam game


Longtime Springwise readers may recall T-Post, the Swedish company we wrote about back in 2006 for its news-based t-shirt subscription service. T-Post is still going strong, and we couldn’t resist mentioning one of its latest issues: an augmented reality t-shirt that lets wearers play a virtual game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Focusing on the topic of higher education, T-Post’s Issue No. 51 was designed by 23-year-old Marc Stromberg to reflect the increasing incorporation of games and other recreational activities into mainstream education. With technical help from creative collective Moment 77, Stromberg’s t-shirt design features images of real rocks, paper and scissors. The cool part? When wearing the t-shirt, T-post subscribers can stand in front of a webcam for the ability to play a virtual game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with a computer-generated arm that appears to be coming out of the shirt. A video demonstrates the virtual game in action. Though the t-shirt is no longer available, a printable version of the image is available on T-post’s site. We’ve now seen augmented reality in a range of apps focused on everything from music festivals to architectural tourism to virtual makeovers, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used in clothing. How could *your* tech-savvy brand use AR to forge some new OFF=ON connections? (Related: T-shirt comes with free music downloads.) Spotted by: Jenny Lau



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