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Physical button can be programmed to request anything

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ALICE partners with Bttn to make networked hotel services available at the push of a button.

Last year, we wrote about the Bttn button, which was a physical, internet-connected button that can be configured for uses such as turning devices off for nighttime or sending a quick message to loved ones. We then saw the Amazon Dash Button enable consumers to make repeated purchases of households goods without even visiting the digital store. Inspired by this, on-demand service app ALICE has partnered with Bttn to enable hotel guests to call for room service at a push of a physical button.

The ALICE app contains any hotel service a guest would want — many users already log into the app when visiting partnering hotels, as it will notify specific staff of their requests. Hotel management can also monitor guest requests and employee responses from the app to improve their services. With new partner Bttn, ALICE’s service is further simplified, allowing frequently requested services to be made available at the push of a physical button. Bttn can also create branded buttons, programmable to execute specific tasks without the use of smartphones. For example, guests can request for housekeeping, or call a cab, and front desk will be notified.


ALICE’s hospitality management app is already streamlining the industry’s services, and now guests won’t even need to use their phones to make simple requests. Where else would physical, connected buttons be useful?



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