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Florist confirms each bouquet with an e-photo


One of the keys to e-commerce success is to ensure that customers know exactly what they’re ordering. That has been an elusive goal for florists, thanks to fluctuations in flowers’ appearance and availability; the result is that customers must typically take it on faith that they’ll get something similar to what they saw online. In an effort to bring new transparency to the process, New Zealand florist Roses Are Red emails their customers a digital photo of the very bouquet they ordered, so the purchaser can see exactly what was delivered. The Auckland-based company delivers flowers, plants and gifts throughout New Zealand, with a full 99 percent of deliveries dispatched directly from its offices. If a customer isn’t satisfied with what they see in the photograph, Roses Are Red offers a full replacement guarantee. Roses Are Red has been offering this digital photo service since they went online back in 2001, but few other florists have followed their lead. Nevertheless it’s a safe bet that others will be compelled to do so soon, since consumers are increasingly demanding unprecedented transparency in everything from ski slopes to real estate agents. Could you be the first to enjoy transparency triumph in your area?



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