Innovation That Matters

Photography workshops inside a camera obscura on wheels


There’s certainly no shortage of photography classes out there to help hone enthusiasts’ skills. What’s much less common, to say the least, is the chance to take a class inside a working camera obscura. Sure enough, though, that’s just what’s on offer through the Roulot’ographe, a mobile trailer that transforms into a giant camera obscura and photography lab. Students who participate in Flash007’s workshops inside the Roulot’ographe, which is based in Luxembourg, don’t just get the opportunity to study a giant camera obscura, however. They also learn how to form a photographic image, they discuss the effects of light and chemical reactions, and they produce and take pictures through a small pinhole camera of their own creation. Digital photography is discussed as well. All that’s needed for the mobile studio to set up operations is proximity to an electrical connection and running water. We’ve already seen the likes of Canon offer tryvertising workshops in scenic locations, but the Roulot’ographe definitely adds something new with its educational content, unique experience and flexible mobility. Photography brands, retailers and educators around the globe: be inspired! Spotted by: Petz Scholtus



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