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Roving dental practice will come to your office

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Studio Dental is a mobile clinic based in San Francisco, catering to workers who can't find the time to regularly see their dentist.

New York’s Manicube has been delivering quick, in-office manicure appointments to those too busy to leave work, and now Studio Dental is doing the same for San Francisco workers who can’t find the time to regularly see their dentist.

According to the team behind the startup, less than 25 percent of Americans go for a dental checkup as regularly as once every 12 months, mainly because arranging an appointment typically means time off work. Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, Studio Dental is now in the process of building a mobile dental clinic that can travel to the patient, rather than the other way around. Patients can arrange a slot online and receive a text on the day they’re due to see the dentist. The clinic will be parked at various locations around San Francisco and visitors can pick a venue that suits them — which could even mean outside their place of work. After the appointment, a breakdown of the costs and insurance is emailed to the patient and they can complete the payment through PayPal.

Studio Dental works with experienced and trustworthy dentists and is set to launch in January 2014. Are there other important services that can be made more convenient by traveling directly to where their users are?

Spotted by Breanna DiGiammarino, written by Springwise



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